A platform that assimilates a melting pot of local Asian communities and Asian businesses based on geolocation.

Engage with your community and neighbourhood within your local postcode.

Share general awareness with your neighbourhood within your postcode
Promote Professional Services or Businesses on your target postcodes

Why Asian Junction ?

Want to know more about local businesses in your area?
Looking for a particular professional help available in your neighbourhood?
Want to stay updated about your community either in London or anywhere in the UK?
Want to connect with your neighbourhood and establish safe environment by creating awareness?
Are you an entrepreneur or a professional struggling to reach your target audience, looking for a solution?

Asian Junction
Steps-in to lend a helping hand. We have created a comprehensive list of services and businesses operational in your locality - enter your post code and receive information within seconds.

We Are Here To

Help each other, Serve each other

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Specially designed for the Asian communities to interact and establish valuable connections. A forum where you can gather information, inquire about professional services, promote your business, post upcoming events, recent happenings in your area or simply share a personal experience.

Asian Junction has it all.


Reach out to Asian Community

We have ideated and executed complete business solutions to reach out to your target audiences living in any postcode, county or region, without any basis to the ethnicity or belief.

Promote your services in target postcodes,county or region

Promote special offers to your targeted audience in target area.

Receive your customers queries via SMS straight on your business mobile.